Once Upon A Time

My story begins in the fourth grade. That’s when I met another Alice. Unlike the dozens of girls named Jennifer and Michelle at Sunset Elementary, I’d been a “one and only” up until that moment. I announced I wanted to change my name when my mom picked me up from school. She suggested we give it a different spelling. Alys Daly was born.

Not much has changed. Today, I am as passionate as ever about helping people and organizations define their brands and craft messages that uniquely position them for success.

My career is bookended by managing marketing, public relations and public affairs programs for two industry leaders that top the Fortune 500 list year after year: healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson and NextEra Energy - the second largest energy company in the United States.

The chapters in between are immersed in the fast-paced world of startups and real estate. My communications acumen has helped advance the goals of serial entrepreneurs, celebrities and private equity firms from the U.S. to Eastern Europe. Along the way, I’ve raised money for several worthy causes, and I developed and produced a board game that builds confidence in women.

I believe that while communications can’t solve every problem, it can certainly help any situation. I have a knack for propelling little known brands into the national spotlight, as well as a track record for keeping companies out of the media during a crisis.

I’m living happily ever after doing what I love.

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